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Skylight Pond Photo Journal

For this year's Mountain Leader Course trainings, I again returned to Skylight Pond trail with the 2023 group. To get a better hold on the trail, reference last year's trip report.

Do take note, the middle section of Forest Road #54 is closed just past the Emily Proctor Trail. I recommend accessing this trailhead via Forest Road #59, off of Route 125 in Ripton Vermont. Though the road is no smooth travel, I did manage a 12-passenger van to the trailhead.

This past Sunday, we taught backcountry cooking, tarping, bear bagging, and water filtration. Moving skills out to the field, as opposed to just classroom, has certainly taken a lot more time, but we think it's well worth it!

Early, bridged crossing

Skylight Pond, from shelter

Looking towards southern Lake Champlain from Sunset Rock (unmarked spur)

Completely dried up spring... safe water is a no go here (pond is so ick to filter)

Practicing tarps!

Working on backcountry cooking

Stream hops

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