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Hi, I'm Izzy.

When I went on my first couple of hikes, I was a disaster of unprepared. Yet, in just 3 years since the no GPS or first aid kit days, I've completed a single year NH48, became a Wilderness First Responder, and began teaching outdoor safety and overnight courses at my college. What a difference some reading will do!

So what am I here for? Sharing experiences, making non-hikers into hikers, and writing about my journey towards completing my WMG Trace and New England Hundred Highest... maybe even before I graduate.

Thanks for visiting. See you out there!


How it started and how it's going

The summer before my senior year of high school, my best friend Michelle & I hiked the Osceolas. It was our first hike larger than Mt. Monadnock and immediately infatuating. I became determined to finish before college, giving myself just about a year, and  discovered that there was so much more to take pride in than just academics.

I was born and raised in Southern New Hampshire and currently attend Saint Michael's College where I study business, adventure sports coaching, data science, and environmental studies. Having finished the NH 4Ks and the Belknaps, I'm currently working on the New England Hundred Highest & tracing the WMNF!  In addition to hiking, I love skiing, guiding trips with the Adventure Sports Center, cooking, Adam Sandler movies, and classic rock. In fact, the name of this blog may or may not be a Guns N' Roses reference. 


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